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Let Flowers for Dubai take care of your floral arrangements by occasion; including Birthday bouquets, Mother's Day flowers, Valentine's Day flowers, Newborn Baby and much more. We offer a large selection of flowers, plants, floral arrangements, and baskets at very competitive prices that will not be matched anywhere in Dubai. Order online and have your flower delivery for Dubai taken care of by Flowers for Dubai.

Exquisite /SPECIAL
BQ 16 - 12 Red Roses
Our most popular bouquet! Everybody loves to receive 12 red roses!
Our price: AED 170.00
$46.28 | €35.90
Lovelight /SPECIAL
6 pink roses with 4 lilies and green!
Our price: AED 170.00
$46.28 | €35.90
VA03/Vase included
6 red carnations with baby breath and greenery in a vase bowl with red ribbon!
Our price: AED 150.00
$40.84 | €31.68
VA04/Vase included
6 red roses with green fillers in a vase with red bow!
Our price: AED 165.00
$44.92 | €34.84
Splendid Orchids!
VA01/Vase included
4 white, 4 pink Orchids in a vase!
Our price: AED 170.00
$46.28 | €35.90
My one and Only
BQ of 11 white roses with 1 red rose!
Our price: AED 170.00
$46.28 | €35.90
BQ229/Vase not incl.
Mixed bouquet of Roses and Carnations!
Our price: AED 175.00
$47.64 | €36.96
Day Dream
BQ225/Vase not incl.
Mixed bouquet of pink Lilies, peach Carnations, Roses and a ribbon!
Our price: AED 175.00
$47.64 | €36.96
Simply Beautiful
BQ 20 - 15 Red Roses
There is no flower that expresses true love as timelessly and as perfectly as 15 Pcs of Red Roses!
Our price: AED 199.00
$54.17 | €42.02
BQ 37/ Vase not incl
Bouquet of 10 beautiful Pink Lilies!
Our price: AED 199.00
$54.17 | €42.02
Hugs and Kisses
TA 819 - 9 Pink Roses in Vase
9 beautiful pastel pink roses in SQ vase. Suitable for most special occasions.!
Our price: AED 199.00
$54.17 | €42.02
Jewels and Gems!
VA02/Vase included
6 pink roses with 6 mixed lilies and greens in a glass!
Our price: AED 199.00
$54.17 | €42.02
Blushing Beauty
BQ221/Vase not incl.
Gorgeous bouquet of red Roses and pink Lilies!
Our price: AED 199.00
$54.17 | €42.02
Blazing Beauty
BQ236/Vase not incl.
Mixed Bouquet of yellow Roses and white Chrysanthemum!
Our price: AED 210.00
$57.17 | €44.35
VA09/Vase included
10 red carnations, 6 orange gerberas and 2 lilies in a vase!
Our price: AED 225.00
$61.25 | €47.51
Perfect Occasion
Mixed flower bq
Our price: AED 225.00
$61.25 | €47.51
Bear Hug
BQ 24- 10 Red Roses with Teddy
Brilliant red roses (10 pieces) with medium teddy bear to show your love! (Flat bouquet)
Our price: AED 235.00
$63.98 | €49.63
Girl Power
BQ228/Vase not incl.
Bring happiness with this stunning bouquet of Roses, Carnations and Gerbera!
Our price: AED 235.00
$63.98 | €49.63
BQ223/Vase not incl.
Bouquet of red and orange Roses and Hypericum!
Our price: AED 235.00
$63.98 | €49.63
Pretty Pink!
TA 816/ Vase included
A Spectacular mix is perfect for any occasion with Lilies and Roses in a glass!
Our price: AED 245.00
$66.70 | €51.74
Scent of Love!
BQ 58/ Vase not incl.
Soft blushes of 12 Pink Roses, with 6 scented oriental Calla Lilies!(Vase not Included)
Our price: AED 245.00
$66.70 | €51.74
Model BQ227/Vase not incl.
This distinguished arrangement of purple flowers will impose by elegance and refinement!
Our price: AED 245.00
$66.70 | €51.74
Circle of Love!
Model TA 60/Vase not incl.
Circle of Love! This bouquet has red roses, red carnation and beautiful white lilies!
Our price: AED 245.00
$66.70 | €51.74
Beautiful Smile
Model BA 9
A perfect way to express your love with this pretty basket of pink roses and asters!
Our price: AED 245.00
$66.70 | €51.74
Love Dance!
BQ226/Vase included.
Polka Mix of pink Roses and white Chrysanthemum in a square Vase!
Our price: AED 249.00
$67.79 | €52.58
Precious Heart
Heart of 25 red roses!
Our price: AED 255.00
$69.42 | €53.85
Sweet Perfection
BQ230/Vase not incl.
Mixed beauty of red, purple and pink flowers!
Our price: AED 265.00
$72.14 | €55.96
Love Kiss
BQ 9 - Lilies with Yellow Roses
These Sunny yellow Roses with Lilies and Delister create a memorable bouquet!
Our price: AED 275.00
$74.86 | €58.07
Happy Face
5 Roses,4 Gerbera,3 Irish and 3 Lilies burst in a vase of Beauty!(Vase included)
Our price: AED 275.00
$74.86 | €58.07
Sunny Siesta
BQ224/Vase not incl.
Mixed bouquet of orange, yellow and white flowers!
Our price: AED 295.00
$80.31 | €62.30
Always and Forever!
Model TA102/Vase included
Mix of pink flowers in a stylish design for anyone special to receive!
Our price: AED 299.00
$81.40 | €63.14
Circle of Love!
VA11/Vase included
12 red roses with 6 lilies in a vase!
Our price: AED 299.00
$81.40 | €63.14
Richly Loved
Heart of 40 pink roses with a red ribbon!
Our price: AED 345.00
$93.92 | €72.86
Morning Spring
Daily basket with yellow and red roses with beautifully mixed flowers
Our price: AED 375.00
$102.09 | €79.19
Morning Spring/Premium
Daily basket with yellow and red roses with beautifully mixed flowers!
Our price: AED 545.00
$148.37 | €115.09

Send flowers and gifts to the Dubai with Flowers for Dubai. We specialize in delivering flowers, bouquets, baskets, gifts and cakes to Dubai.